About us

Mission Statement

There exist a variety of Nylon Cords in the market though, we are afraid that most of them are being sold easily under the watchwords “better durability”/”better wear out resisting”, and the objective/reason regarding the used material and the expedient in the manufacturing process are not well explained.
And these days according to the expansion of the market, low priced ones which are not bringing the quality as a first principle, are widely arriving in the market.

However, we believe that “quality/performance is more significant than the price”.
We have started our own Nylon Monofilament Line extrusion operation about twenty years ago and since that time we are seeking for the ultimate quality of Nylon Cord day after day by keep repeating the trial production/performance test under the investigation of a variety of material/additions.
We believe that our mission is “to supply a variety of quality Nylon Cords which are superior in durability/smashing power at the appropriate price”.

Currently we are under promoting the manufacturing & sales of the ”POWER PLUS LINEs” which are the outcome of the repeated study under the objective of the improvement of the durability and the  smashing /breaking power.
Succeeding to a variety of ongoing models in POWER PLUS LINE , one after another we are keep introducing in the market high quality/performance models by promoting our study & development aiming for the further improvement of durability and smashing/breaking power.

Founder & CEO

founder&CEO Kazuhiro Aizawa


Corporate Profile

Name CAL Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Foundation 1984
Address 1289-1 Yamabe, Tateshinamachi, Kitasakugun, Nagano Pref., Japan
 Employees  26(as of June/2016)

  • No.1 Factory(nylon cord production)
  • No.2 Factory(monofilament extrusion)
  • No.3 Factory(nylon cord production/pre-cut cord)
  • No.4 Factory(monorail tractor unit assembly)
  • Field Test Site(nylon cord)
  • Test Course(Monorail Transport System)
TEL +81-267-56-2691
FAX +81-267-56-2696
Email info@calenter.co.jp