Safety Rotor Pro & Safety Cord

Benefit of the Safety Cord

very easy for the replacement of the cord
(no need to do the troublesome winding of the cord into cutter head)

② being pre-cut in ideal length for the grass trimming (in 20.5cm length)

③ easy to recognize the time for the replacement
(*It is recommended to replace  when the length of the rest of the cord  has come down to approx. 5 cm-6 cm.)

④ can try a variety of cord in different specification while the operation (operator can easily  carry a variety of cords during the trimming operation)

⑤ can make the burden lighter to Brush Cutter
(smaller engine sized brush cutter can be used in comparison with the use of ordinary  type of cutter head + rolled cord.)

⑥ can be away from the welding of the cord inside of the cutter head


(1)Safety Cord is the 20.5cm length of pre-cut cord, which has equipped with the ‘slip off protection metal cap at one end. CAL has introduced this type of pre-cut cord in Japanese market for the first time, and now there exist a variety of similar type of pre-cut cords in the market.

(2) Safety Rotor Pro is the *slot in type of very slim cutter head exclusively for the use of Safety Cord. The diameter of the safety rotor pro is 12.5cm and approx. 19cm length of the safety cords(2 pcs.) will come out of the Safety Rotor Pro. Then the cutting width by Safety Rotor Pro will come to 50.5cm in total. According to the series of evaluation test, in general the smashing power of the nylon cord will deteriorate notably when the length outside of the cutter head come less than approx. 11cm in terms of peripheral speed.(and the cutting width may come down to approx. 34.5cm at that occasion.)

(3) Then it is recommended that cords to be replaced with new cords at that stage.(The elapsed time down to that level of length may vary depending on the specification of each cord, and in general durability come better as the size of the cord come bigger.)

(4) Due to the situation above it may look that pre-cut cord is not cost effective though, even with the roll up type of cutter head we are suffering from following loss/disadvantage.

-there remains certain length of the cord inside of the of the cutter head at the time of replacement

-cords are likely to be fed out too long and to be broken by that cause

-it is rather difficult to know the length of the cord left inside of the cutter head before the refill21